How To Participate in the Community (Once Becoming a Member)

Ancient Theater of Epidaurus, Greece.  Photo by Tripscholars

Welcome to the Tripscholars community!  Now that you’ve completed your registration, you can enjoy the camaraderie of sharing  your travel stories, knowledge and interests with other like minded travelers. The next step is to use the drop down menu under My Account and Community and select Set Up My Profile.

Change your password and control your notifications and privacy settings here. We hope that you choose to participate in the community, but if that is not your thing, simply click on Account Privacy, click on the toggle button and save changes.

We encourage you to add an avatar to your profile. Your avatar will show on your activity and contribute to building the community aspect of Tripscholars. To add your avatar, click on the green profile avatar icon and upload a photo. To customize the background, select the pink camera icon and add a background photo.

Click on the purple Social Networks icon. If you enjoy this site anonymously just leave this blank. Otherwise, connect to your social media accounts here and your connections will be highlighted in the header of your profile. Enter them with the full URL to the site, not just your username.

Click on Widget Settings below the icons you have been setting upThis is what other members can see when they visit your profile. Share your travel interests, travel skills, favorite quotes, upcoming trips, photos and more! Add your Bio in the About Me section. We have a lot of talent and generosity in our community– emphasize yours.

If  you are a blogger, business owner, or photographer, spotlight it here. As you share resources, reviews, and photos on our site, other members will appreciate your expertise and can follow or support you off-site. You can add your website, Flicker and Instagram accounts as more widgets. Let us learn from you.

To add friends, click on Members in My Account & Community and scroll or search by name. Select friends in My Account & Community to read their profile and see what your friends have been posting, reviewing, and maybe even planning for their next travels! 

Check out our Groups in My Account & Community. This is where people who share common travel interests can gather and discuss ideas and share tips. Groups are similar to forums and are a fun, useful, and more intimate community. You can join groups that are already established or create a new one by emailing

At Tripscholars, we are our community and we want to celebrate our members! Whenever you participate on the site, whether by adding your avatar photo or by sharing resources and reviews, we recognize your contributions by giving points and badges to identify you as a generous contributor. 

Take it from those history loving time-travelers and treat others with kindness and respect. Our vision is to inspire travel and learning about our world, one another, and ourselves. We create a vibrant, engaged, and respectful community where each member can learn, share, and grow together. Trollers may be banned without warning.

Although we have many protections in place, we depend on our members to help us identify inappropriate content. Please flag anything on the site  that goes against our values. Read our  Mission & Vision, Our Values, and Our Resource Posting Guidelines to learn more. Thank you!

Do you have travel education expertise in an area that you want to share with our community? We have many members with valuable knowledge and experience and we sometimes include guest blog posts so that other members can learn from them. If you are interested, please send an email to

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