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Heraklion Archeological Museum, Crete, Greece.   Photo by Tripscholars

Head over to The Roadmaps  Blog to make the most of getting from where you are to where you’re headed! We have lots of useful tips and ideas about how to make the most of travel planning beyond the itinerary. We often feature travel writers with experience and expertise in particular destinations and unique approaches to travel. We also know that our community is full of knowledgeable, curious travelers, so please leave comments and ask questions. 

Visit our Travel Resource Library for the best in travel resources. Where are you headed? Start by searching for countries and expand your  search by location. If you are looking for something universally or broadly applicable, leave the location field empty.  You can filter by types  of resources  (e.g. books or movies) or particular interests (e.g. art, history, or geology). You can also search by keywords. Enjoy exploring!

When you find resources that look intriguing, click through to read reviews, see ratings, and see the options to share it with others. You can enjoy it now. If you like what you see and want to save what you find,  you’ll need to make an account with us. 

You have looked over the site and decided that you want to join. Excellent! Please read our Resource Posting Guidelines to be sure that we are a good match. If we are, just click on this Register link  and fill out the form. Upon submission, you can expect a message from Tripscholars in your inbox asking you to activate your account. Once activated, it will confirm your completed registration. Congratulations, we are glad to have you as a member!

When you find something you want to enjoy at a later time, click on the Bookmark Icon. You will have a menu open up that gives you the option to add a new category. You can create as many categories as you find useful.  We suggest starting with: My Reading List, My Watchlist, My Playlist, & My Activites. Consider adding trip names to these.

Enjoy using  your Guidebook! Looking for something to listen to on your way to work? Check out your Playlist! Ready for a Friday night movie? Head over to your watch list! Looking for a gift for your travel partners? You’ve got lots of thoughtful options! About to start a new book? Well, you’ve got the idea!

Think of some of your favorite resources others might find useful.  Click on the Contribute A Resource tab and follow the prompts to submit your contribution. Thank you, this is the heart of Tripscholars!  Start to save outside resources that you find for your upcoming trip to Tripscholars so that you can add them to your Guidebook. 

If it suits you, make connections with other members, join groups, share photos and stories of your travels and how they were made better by your studies.  We want to learn from each other. Earn points and travel stamps by helping other other members make the most of their travel planning.  Sign up for our newsletter for all of the latest updates. Follow us on social media. You can participate in as much or as little of this as you would like.

Please give back what you can! Share our site with others who would appreciate it.  Share us on Facebook and Twitter. Come back and leave reviews for the resources that you used. Add your photos and share your stories. Give a star rating  and let others know what to expect.  Help us curate the list. Your generosity will help others make the most of their trips and travel planning!

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You've landed in the right place! Tripscholars is here to help you extend the joy and wonder of travel far beyond your days on the road. Find travel education tips and inspiration in our ROADMAPS BLOG. Save yourself time and money by using our TRAVEL RESOURCES LIBRARY where we have already gathered top resources for you to enjoy from home. Tripscholars is where curious travelers come for meaningful travel planning and trip research.
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