Resource Posting Guidelines

Olympic National Park, Washington, USA.  Photo by Tripscholars

What kinds of resources are welcome?

Resources in multiple formats appeal to a wide range of learning styles, interests, and levels of expertise. Non-fiction sources must use sound research practices and be fact based. Great choices include books, field guides, movies, documentaries, podcasts, apps, classes, travel blogs, websites, music, recipes, etc. We learn differently, so this wide range allows for broader access. The goal is that the resources will help travelers gain a greater understanding of the culture, history, and natural history of the destination.  We especially welcome resources that are from or about people who are underrepresented. We welcome resources for all ages — adults, teens, and children.  

What types of resources are not welcome?

Tripscholars offers a moderated site that strives to respect our shared responsibility to one another and the planet. We recognize that cultivating awareness of culturally sensitive language and ideas is an ongoing process and still welcome imperfect content shared in this spirit. However, content we consider to be abusive, hateful, inflammatory, or demeaning are not permitted. Plagiarized content is forbidden. Read more on Our Values page. Tripscholars staff reserves the right to remove inappropriate content.



Can I share a link to my own site or product?

If your website or product will help travelers gain an understanding of the people or places they will be visiting, then yes, please share it. Blog posts in this vein are permitted and canonical links by original content producers are welcome. Please link your Instagram account to your profile instead of listing it as a resource. We do not accept links for specific travel opportunities such as lodging, restaurants, and tours. If your site allows visitors to research the culture, history or natural history of a location, exceptions can be made. Please read our Mission and Vision for more clarification or email

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