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Obaachan’s Class

This Youtu.be channel sets common phrases to music, making it fun for kids and adults alike!

Japanese 101

Japanese 101 is a great resource to learn the basics of Japanese. Both written and oral forms.

Stories of Scotland

This podcast highlights everything from Scotland’s historic sites, to politics and nature, and stories of ghosts and witchcraft.


1-on-1 language lesson platform with over 10,000 teachers.


The most popular language learning platform in the world which uses a free gamified approach to learn over 35 languages.


One of the best tools I’ve found for help in memorizing vocabulary while studying a foreign language. It can be used for anything you are trying to memorize.

Learning Australian Slang

A 10 minute video explaining some classic Australian words and phrases, and how they compare with similar Americanisms. Warning: some crude language included.

Naveed Rehman- Urdu Class Online

Naveed is a professional Urdu teacher living in Lahore, Pakistan who offers affordable online Urdu (the national language of Pakistan) lessons.


Easily search this database to find books set in the travel destination of your choice, anywhere in the world.

Fluent Forever

Language learning that actually works, re-wiring your brain for hearing, speaking, and thinking in a new language.

Rosetta Stone

Comprehensive language learning system offering instruction in 25 languages.


Online private language tutoring with skilled tutors from around the world.

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