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Wingspan is the perfect game for nature loving travelers. Learn more about the birds living in your travel destinations before you depart.

Timeline Game

An easy to learn card game for ages 8+ that helps players learn about world history and how the history of your travel destination fits into it.

Clans of Caledonia

Explore the transition of 19th Century Scotland from an agricultural to an industrial nation in this fun game.


The most popular language learning platform in the world which uses a free gamified approach to learn over 35 languages.

Maps of Our World App

Free app to study and quiz yourself with maps of the world, appropriate for beginners to experts.

Minecraft: Education Edition (History & Culture)

An inspiring resource for Minecraft players to learn more about the architecture and history of their travel destinations. Find lesson plans about building landmarks, cities, and more. There are also some prebuilt historic places to explore and build in.

Learn Art App

Free app that highlights many of the major pieces of art in Western civilization with both study and quiz options.

Seterra Online

Online mapping resource which features quiz-based games to help teach country and state identification. Games provide scoring which leads to competition to see how well you do compared to others in your class / household.

Animal Jam

Learn about the animals of our world as you play minigames, attend virtual events, participate in scavenger hunts, and watch videos.

Chronology Game

A card game for ages 14+ that helps players learn about world history and how the history of your travel destination fits into it.

Ticket To Ride

A top board game connecting some of the major cities of Europe, perfect to play before you buy a rail pass of your own! Extensions are available for Africa, Asia, Japan, Italy, Holland, Germany, France,England, the United States, and India.


A beautiful and relaxing game exploring the old main road through Japan.

Civilization VI

A fun game for world management. Adds a bit of history into the fun. Though not as good as Civ V, still great fun. 🙂

Castles of Burgundy

Classic strategy game set in the Loire Valley of medieval France with great replay value.

Ghost of Tsushima

Video game exploring history and culture of medieval Japan in the age of the samurai.

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