Lone Traveller by Anne Mustoe

Anne Mustoe was a retired schoolmistress turned round-the-world solo bicyclist who wrote a number of extraordinary memoirs detailing her travels. She’s a lay historian who plotted her trips around her historical interests.
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Ann Mustoe

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From the contributing member:

Anne Mustoe is an inspiration. I’ve always wanted to do some long-distance traveling by bike, and my age has held me back. Mustoe challenges that notion and embarks on her first journey at age 55, without a particularly strong knowledge base of – nor love for – cycling, camping, and being immersed in the outdoors. She figures it all out during her 12,000 mile round-the-world journey, alone, and documents her trials and tribulations with honesty and integrity. She’s the gold standard, in my opinion, of how I want to approach these later years, and I hope to realize my own dream of experiencing long-distance travels from the seat of my bike.


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France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, USA

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