The Food Timeline

An enormous compendium of historical recipes and information about the history of food.
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It is a bit of living history itself when you land on this webpage that hasn’t been updated in years– you’ll appreciate how far we have come as you scan the text stretching completely across the page with no photos to break it up. But don’t click away or you’ll be missing out of one of the most comprehensive resources available for learning about the history of food. It is almost solely the work of one research librarian, Lynne Olver, who devoted 15 years to creating it. Before her death in 2015, the site was awarded Savor 100 and recognized by the American Library Association as a Great Website For Kids with over thirty-five-million readers. It is used by historians, authors, and young people alike as a reliable and cross referenced source of all things related to food history. As noted by Smithsonian Magazine, there is an effort to find a new website custodian to update the site.

This site is great for learning more about the history of food and finding recipes related to where you are traveling. Although many cultures are represented, the focus of it is on Western countries. Whether you want to read and study or get busy in the kitchen making a feast with your traveling companions, chefs of all ages will find this this site a delicious delight!

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