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One of my favorite podcasts is Mike Schibel’s, Travel With Meaning. He dives into thoughtful conversations with a diverse group of guests to explore what travel means to each of us and how we can have more meaningful travel experiences.  

Inspiring and facilitating more meaningful travel experiences is fundamental to why I started Trip Scholars. I know this leads to powerful personal growth and learning as well as deeper commitments to our planet and its people. 

When I learned that Mike was starting a workshop to explore these ideas further, I was quick to sign up. The course is filled with thought provoking questions that really help get to the deeper concepts behind being a thoughtful traveler. I’ve enjoyed working through each section and then listening to the suggested episodes of the Travel With Meaning podcast. The episodes provide a broader context that highlights the overlap most thoughtful travelers experience.

My favorite part of the Travel With Meaning Workshop has been connecting with other like-minded and thoughtful travelers in the regular gatherings. Mike and Clarie Burt are skilled facilitators who make everyone feel valued and motivated to share their stories. The nature of the program invites participants to share engaging and inspiring travel tales where discussion of the deeper context is also an important part of the conversation. Expect to go far beyond the highlight reel of trips and instead dive deep into the ways travel has fundamentally impacted us and helped us to become the people we are today.

This practical and insightful guide has been thoughtfully crafted to help you implement the principles of meaningful travel in any circumstance. So whether you’re a travel business looking to bring more intentionality to your services or you’re a traveler looking for ways to extend the mental, emotional and physical benefits of travel, this workshop has you covered. 

I’m excited to share this workshop with you! 

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