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Borobudor Temple, Indonesia. Photo by Geena Truman
Trip Research by Destination

Enjoy trip research articles about specific destinations in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. 

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Unique and Exciting Ways to Travel

Discover how to craft travel and trip research around literature, archaeology, UNESCO sites, mythology, your heritage, and more!

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Enhance Your Travel Skills

Improve your photography and language learning skills from home.  Foster your ancestry research and use of timelines for astounding trips in the future. 

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Travel Planning With Kids and Teens

Use travel planning to bring more joy and curiosity into family life at home and on the road. 

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Travel Tips

Find the best gifts, gear, and games, all related to travel! Plus, we welcome you to Trip Scholars and share why we built this site.

Explore Our Natural World

Enhance your naturalist skills from home and more deeply appreciate exploring our natural world on your trips.

Our multimedia library of travel resources will entertain you, educate you, and enhance your travel planning – all before you even step out the door!

Make the most of your time before departure by discovering more about the nature, culture, and history of your travel destinations.

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Inspire other travelers by sharing  your favorite books, field guides, movies, documentaries, podcasts, apps, classes, travel blogs, games, websites, and more in our Resource Library. We want to learn from you!

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Thoughtful travel planning makes the most of our trips-- and our lives!

At Tripscholars, we believe that by learning about the nature, culture, and history of our travel destinations we can better appreciate, understand, celebrate, and commit ourselves to the protection of  our precious and singularly unique world and its people. We enhance our brief lives through our study, we deepen our travel experiences, and we entertain ourselves. Curious travelers share what is most inspiring, and together we build community.

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