Empowering you to learn
through travel

Empowering you to learn through travel

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Inspiring you to travel more and travel better!

Travel is One of Life’s
Greatest Teachers

Make the most of it with Trip Scholars!

Are you looking for creative ideas to better
understand the places that you visit?

Would you like to bring more of the joy of
travel into your daily life?

Do you want fresh inspiration to connect
more deeply with yourself and others while
you are traveling?

That’s what Trip Scholars is for!

Hi, I’m Erica !

I created Trip Scholars for curious travelers, like you. I have blended my passion and rich experiences as a seasoned traveler with over thirty years in education to create Trip Scholars. I combine extensive research and inspiring stories to help curious people discover what you can do before, during, and after travel to bring more meaning, connection, and understanding to your journeys, and your life.

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advice and creative ideas.

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What people are saying

I was feeling very overwhelmed with the idea of planning a long international solo trip. Erica helped so much – she helped me find resources for research, acted as a sounding board for my ideas, helped keep me accountable, and best of all was so encouraging and excited for my trip! It helped me a lot to hear someone say that I was on the right track, that this trip sounded amazing, and that I was doing the right things to reach my goals.

Coaching Client

I really appreciate how Erica helped me think about my goals for this trip. She asked wonderful, thought provoking questions about my intentions and hopes for my trip, which helped me plan accordingly. I went through my trip feeling well prepared and planned, and most importantly relaxed and excited! I felt like I remained intentional and achieved my goals because I had thought about them beforehand, even if I wasn’t’ thinking about them conciously.

Coaching Client

Erica is incredibly knowledgeable, and asks in-depth questions to get to the heart of what is important about each individual’s travel needs and dreams. I get a lot of comfort in knowing that Erica is available to help me create a trip that feels safe and meaningful to me.

Coaching Client

I was impressed with how many wonderful resources were shared and appreciated the community that was created in such a short time. Erica has a unique knack for making people feel comfortable and is a natural leader.

Jennifer, Workshop Participant

Logistics are one thing, and your guidance in that manner was great, too – but the short exercises you asked us to participate in to determine the whys of embarking on a travel-based adventure really tweaked my approach to planning and pondering on the whats/hows/whens. I think it’ll make all the difference.

April, Workshop Participant

The most helpful thing about the workshop was the way you really listen to what people are saying and the questions that you ask to get everyone thinking about the best way to travel for their own needs – not anyone else’s. Thank you!

Teresa, Workshop Participant

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