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Find the best giftsgear, and games, all related to travel! Plus, we welcome you to Trip Scholars, share why we built this site, and why we launched during the pandemic.

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What Does Travel Teach You?

What does travel teach you? This article highlights the most important things we learn through travel and offers tips to make the most of them.

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Travel Vision Board Ideas: Making Your Travel Dreams Come True

Travel vision boards can be a useful (and fun!) step in realizing long term or hard to reach travel goals. This article has easy to…

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What We Learn Through Travel– With Tips and Inspiration

Travel is one of life’s greatest teachers, find ideas and inspiration to learn more about the world and yourself through traveling.

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Why I Travel: 25+ Travelers Share What Inspires Them

Have better trips by exploring why you travel. Be inspired by over 25 travel writers who share their thoughts on “Why I Travel.” A travel…

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Cultivating a Heart of Gratitude for Better Travel

Cultivating a heart of gratitude is a valuable thing we can do to improve our lives and our travels. This post shows you why and…

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The Secret to Meaningful Gifts for Travelers

Discover what researchers have learned, and thoughtful people have known all along, about how to give truly meaningful gifts. (Here’s a hint: travel experiences are…

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Why Launch A Travel Website During A Pandemic?

See how our focus on learning from home before departure and connecting with other curious travelers will serve you through the pandemic.

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Welcome To Trip Scholars

Tripscholars wants every trip you take to be as interesting, exciting, and profound as it can be! Learn why we built the site and how…

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