Travel Vision Board Ideas: Making Your Travel Dreams Come True

Are you looking for travel vision board ideas to help you transform your dreams into reality? Sometimes, trip planning is relatively easy and there is no need for extra motivation to make it happen. But often there are major obstacles between us and our hopes for travel.

As an experienced travel coach, I’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges people face in reaching their travel goals. Whether it is finding money and time for a family vacation, gaining the skills and knowledge needed for a first time solo trip, or making the transition to becoming a digital nomad or expat– life can easily get in the way of reaching our goals and prevent us from attaining them.

I’ve also seen the power of visualization and goal setting in helping individuals achieve their travel dreams. One technique that many prefer is the creation of a travel vision board. This method aligns your goals with images and words, helping to make those dream destinations and travel lifestyle choices a reality. 

In this guide, we’ll delve into travel vision boarding and explore some of the research on its effectiveness. Then we will offer practical steps to create your own board using different mediums. We will also look at alternative methods for visualizing travel dreams. And throughout the article, we will talk about ways to use these techniques to keep your travel aspirations front and center.

The Science Behind Travel Vision Boards

Vision boards work on the principle of visualization, a technique supported by research in the field of psychology and neuroscience. Visualization activates the same neural networks that actual task performance does, enhancing motivation, confidence, and performance. Translating this to travel vision boarding, by picturing our travel goals, we stimulate the same cognitive processes, making our aspirations more tangible and achievable.

There are additional studies that show vision boards help in the area of “value tagging.” Our brains are constantly evaluating the barrage of external stimulation and deciding what is important and deserves more attention. Creating a travel vision board and referencing it frequently can help your brain prioritize your travel goals.

Interestingly, there are studies that show visualization of reaching our goals, without visualizing the steps needed to get there, can actually hinder achieving them. So an essential step is creating a viable plan for reaching our travel dreams. Vision boards are only an early step in the process. Consider adding images of the intermediary steps to your vision board. For example, my husband and I are working towards living aboard a sailboat and traveling the world. So one of my personal visuals is picturing myself comfortably docking the boat in a slip– one of my fears that I am committed to working on repeatedly this summer!

Finally, it is important to remember that there are many things outside of our control and it is very harmful to assume that imperfect visualization skills cause poor health, social and economic inequality, and many other challenges that interfere with our travel goals. Travel goal visualization is simply a tool that can help us reach our dreams. But it can be a very helpful and enjoyable one, so let’s get started!

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How to Make a Vision Board

The best way to make a vision board is to allow yourself to be visually inspired as you imagine your future. Humans are highly visual creatures and the old saying that a picture speaks a thousand words is true. Have fun with this creative process! 

Your board will be more helpful if you eventually have specific goals, such as “I will take my first solo trip to The Netherlands in the spring of 2025,”  instead of, “I will travel more.” But you might not know your specific goals at the beginning–  and that is completely fine! Be open to the process and know that it is changeable. Your vision board is a living document and will evolve over time. Also know that your vision board is yours, you can share it with others only if you choose to– so be brave and put your dreams out there. 

Vision Board Travel– Journal Prompts Before You Start

Before diving into the vision board, it’s helpful to reflect on your deeper hopes and intentions about your travel experiences. Here are some journal prompts to get you started:

1. What are the top places you want to see or return to? Describe what draws you to these places.

2. What do I want to gain from my travels (e.g., adventure, connection, learning, relaxation, cultural immersion)?

3. How do I want to feel during and after my travels?

4. What are my top three travel goals for the next year? Five years?

5. What steps will I need to take to reach those goals?

These prompts aim to clarify your travel intentions, serving as a foundation for your vision board. Spend time journaling, in self-reflection, and/or in conversation with trusted family or friends as you explore them. Consider working with a travel coach who will provide much deeper opportunities for self-reflection about your travel goals and support you in crafting a plan to reach them.

Travel Vision Board Ideas and Creation Steps

1. Physical Travel Vision Board

Materials Needed:

– A large poster board or cork board

– Travel vision board pictures: magazines, brochures, photographs, postcards, or printed images

– Push pins, Glue, or tape

– Markers or paint for annotations

Vision board clip art or scrapbooking supplies (Side note: my mom used to sell craft supplies so I have worked with hundreds of these fun additions to vision boards. Of course, if your house isn’t overflowing with craft supplies already, you would need to purchase these, but you could go in on some with a friend!)

Optional Travel Vision Board Supplies


1. Reflect on your journal answers and begin collecting images that resonate with your travel goals.

2. Arrange these travel pictures for vision boards, grouping them in a way that makes sense to you—by dream destinations, experiences, or feelings.

3. Annotate with motivational quotes, travel goals, and dates to add context and agency.

4. Place your vision board somewhere you’ll see it daily, like your bedroom or workspace, to keep your travel aspirations top of mind.

2. Canva Travel Vision Board

A Canva vision board of the author’s about their plan to move full time aboard their sailboat to travel the world

Tools Needed

Free Canva account


  1. Open Canva at
  2. Type “vision board” into search bar
  3. Choose a design you like
  4. Click “Customize this template”
  5. Click on any section of the template to personalize it
  6. Change the text to include aspirational words from your journal responses
  7. Change images by choosing “photos” from the sidebar
  8. Add your own photos by clicking on “uploads”
  9. When you are done click “share.” You can print it or email it to yourself and use it as a screensaver on your phone or computer

3. Pinterest Travel Vision Board

Tools Needed:

– A free Pinterest account


1. Create a Pinterest board or multiple boards dedicated to your travel dreams.

2. Populate them with images, quotes, and anything that aligns with your travel goals.

3. Check out the Trip Scholars’ Pinterest Page for ideas to get started!

3. Regularly update it with new inspirations and achievements towards your travel goals.

4. Mind Map Travel Vision Board

Materials Needed:

– A large sheet of paper or digital drawing tool

– Pens, markers, or digital annotation tools


1. Place your ultimate travel goal at the center of the map.

2. Branch out with lines connecting to different goals, destinations, and experiences that support your central aim.

3. Use colors, symbols, and images to categorize and prioritize your goals.

4. Add the steps needed to reach each of your goals.

5. Review and update regularly as your travel aspirations evolve.

Alternatives to Vision Boards

While vision boards are effective for many, alternatives like journaling and photography can also help you to manifest your travel dreams.

1. Photography

Visuals can stir emotions and intentions. Arrange your photographs that reflect your dream destinations or travel lifestyle. Let them be a constant source of inspiration around your home or workspace. Digital photo frames allow you to easily add to your collection. 

2. Screensavers

Transform your everyday digital devices into windows to your future adventures. We’ve already talked about them as a place to highlight your digital vision board. Additionally, a screensaver or background of a place you wish to visit can serve as a subtle, constant reminder of your goals.

3. Sticky Notes

Place sticky notes in strategic locations with reminders or motivational quotes about your travel aspirations. 

4. Calendars

Purchase or make a physical calendar to hang on the wall that will be a daily reminder of your travel goals. 

5. Home Decor

Yes, even a shower curtain can serve as a canvas for your dreams! Choose one with a map or iconic landmarks. Similarly, decorate your living space with elements that remind you of your travel goals.

6. Artwork

Dive into your travel dreams with whatever creative medium you prefer. Whether you paint, draw, craft, or use a digital medium, use it to build out your travel aspirations and then keep it up in your home. Alternatively, you can collect artwork made by others from the place you want to visit to keep your travel dreams present.

7. Travel Dream Journal

Document your dreams, plans, and the steps you’re taking to reach them. This can be a powerful tool for reflection and motivation.

8. Travel Coach

Work with a certified travel coach, such as myself. Trained travel coaches will provide you with useful resources and activities to help you reach your travel goals. They will also support you in staying accountable to yourself and your long term dreams when other responsibilities and daily needs can easily get in the way.

9. Include it in Your Lifestyle

Create playlists, watchlists, reading lists, as well as activities at home and in your local community to immerse you in the culture of your future destinations. At Trip Scholars, I have a free guide filled with activities to help you learn more and keep yourself inspired to reach your dreams. Grab your free copy here.

Incorporating these techniques into your daily routine can influence your mindset, gradually steering your life’s direction toward your travel goals. Remember, a key to a successful travel vision board, or any alternative method, lies in regular interaction and updates. As your dreams evolve, so should your vision board, keeping you aligned and motivated towards your ultimate travel experiences. The other important piece is using it as one part of your goal planning. That will be a topic of an upcoming post, so stay tuned!

Your Travel Vision Board

As a travel coach, I’m dedicated to helping others realize their travel ambitions. I hope this article provided you with some helpful ideas you can implement today. If you are interested in learning more about working with me, I offer free discovery calls and would be happy to get to hear about your travel dreams. Just click here to learn more.

Whether it’s through a traditional vision board, a digital collage, or one of the alternative techniques shared, the act of visualizing your travel goals is a useful step towards making them a reality. Start today, and let your vision board help motivate you to craft the travel lifestyle you are dreaming of!

Do you have questions about travel vision boarding or have you made one yourself? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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