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Trip Scholars is a website dedicated to helping travelers learn more about the nature, history, and cultures of their destinations. 

We are committed to making trip research resources more universally available. Everyone who has done serious trip planning knows that it can take a lot of time and money to find quality resources! But it is worth it because investing in trip research allows us a much richer appreciation of our destinations and brings deeper value to our lives.

Which is why we try to share many ways to help you save money while planning your trips. This page is where we highlight our free suggestions and discount codes that are available to the readers of Trip Scholars. Use them to travel the world from home– for free or on the cheap!

For more fantastic free travel education resources, visit the free section of our resource library!  You will find games, apps, movies, websites, activities and more– and they are all free! Your own public library is another great choice for free books and movies. Visit the websites of your destinations, many of them have virtual tours, videos, and curriculum or activity ideas to enjoy from home. 

Trip Scholars also strives to make it easy for busy people to quickly discover the best ways to learn about  their travel destinations. If you have suggestions to help other travelers, please remember that you can share them here.


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Kanopy is a free movie watching site with an outstanding selection of films. You connect your library card from your public or university library to Kanopy and then you can stream a limited number of films. It is especially useful for finding foreign, independent, and older films. This is where we go when we can’t find a movie on more popular streaming services– and its free!


Wondrium used to be the Great Courses Plus, and it is one of my favorite trip planning resources. They offer online and audio courses taught by knowledgeable and enthusiastic professors. They have many history, art, cooking, architecture, and language courses that curious travelers will enjoy.  They also offer courses courses specific to travel. You will find Wondrium highlighted throughout this site because, nerd-alert, I’m kind of a groupie! I have been recommending it for years, long before launching this website.  You can take advantage of their free trial and dive deep with classes about your next destiation. 

Three Months Free of Audible and Amazon Music

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You know Trip Scholars is full of fantastic book and music recommendations related to your travel dreams. We’re excited that now we have a special offer to share you can cozy up and enjoy them for FREE!
You can get three months free of Audible Premium Plus (normally $14.95/month), and three months free of Amazon Music Unlimited (normally $7.99/month). After three months, you will be billed at full price and you can cancel at any time. 

Finders Seekers

Finders Seekers is a travel related escape room game that we love! Each month you receive a new box where you set out on an adventure in a different locale. Solve immersive puzzles by following cryptic clues as you explore different travel destinations. We play as a family and I love to see how each person brings unique skills and approaches to the puzzles. You can read more about it in our article, The Best Video, Card, and Board Games- Travel the World from Home. 

Trip Scholars is happy to share this 50% off code so you can try it out.


Just about everyone has heard of Babble– and with good reason! It is a highly rated language learning app that we have had a lot of success with. The focus is on learning language for real life scenarios. Trip Scholars is glad to be able to offer an extra discount if you follow this link. 

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You've landed in the right place! Tripscholars is here to help you extend the joy and wonder of travel far beyond your days on the road. Find travel education tips and inspiration in our ROADMAPS BLOG. Save yourself time and money by using our TRAVEL RESOURCES LIBRARY where we have already gathered top resources for you to enjoy from home. Tripscholars is where curious travelers come for meaningful travel planning and trip research.

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