Why I Travel: 25+ Travelers Share What Inspires Them

When we ask ourselves, why I travel, the reasons are varied and fascinating. Our intentions and motivations are often different for each trip and most travels encompass multiple whys. To explore this idea further, I asked other travel writers to each share their answer to, why I travel. They all have multiple reasons, but shared just one of their favorites here.

In this article, we will start with some questions we can use to dive into our own whys. Then we share short stories about why others travel. The motivations fall into three general categories that are expanded below: to learn more about the world, to learn more about ourselves, and to connect more with others. I encourage you to use these stories as a jumping off place as you reflect on your own reasons for traveling.

Let’s dive into the fascinating world of why we travel!

Questions to Explore, “Why I Travel”

When you consider your own travels, both past and future, ask yourself why you travel. What are your intentions and hopes about your next trip and the travel lifestyle you are aspiring towards? Stay curious about yourself as you dig deeper into these questions and let your answers guide you in planning your trips.

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • What have I most appreciated about my past travels?
  • How is my life better because of my travels?
  • How have I grown and changed from my past travels?
  • What have I overcome through my past travels?
  • What have I learned about myself through my past travels?
  • How have I better connected with others through travel?
  • What am I most looking forward to about an upcoming trip?
  • What intentions do I want to set for my upcoming trip?
  • What is my ideal travel lifestyle?

These questions are only the beginning. I encourage you to continue exploring them through contemplation, journaling, conversation, or working with a travel coach like myself. By engaging in this self reflection we can make travel plans, as well as life choices, deeply in alignment with our values and intentions. And that can make all the difference!

Why I Travel: To Learn More About the World

To Experience Art

Photo by Waves and Cobblestones

One of my favorite things to do when I travel to new places is to visit a museum.  It’s so awe-inspiring to view famous works of art up close.

When I was in Rome, I was amazed by the painting by Michelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  But I also loved my visit to the Borghese Gallery, where I was able to take my time viewing stunning sculptures by Bernini.  Be sure to look from all angles to appreciate the lifelike details!

Don’t like classical art?  No problem!  There are museums that cover every interest.   One of the most popular museums in Lyon is the Cinema and Miniatures Museum.  It’s a unique combination of props and special effects from blockbuster films, along with an impressive collection of miniature models in 1/12th scale.

Sometimes the museum experience is diminished by people who aren’t there to appreciate the art, but to just get a selfie in front of it.  Don’t be the person at the Louvre taking a selfie with the Mona Lisa!

So, on your next trip, plan a museum visit.  It’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon — especially if rain is in the forecast!

Contributed by Lisa Garrett at Travel to Lyon

To Learn About History

Photo by Tiny Footsteps Travel

One reason I travel is to learn, and also teach my kids, about history. Being able to learn about history through real-life visuals and experiences promotes more understanding and appreciation for their significance.

Many of us have heard of famous buildings in Italy such as the Colosseum in Rome, or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but seeing them in-person allows you a deeper knowledge of why they were built and appreciation for who built them, and those who once used these buildings in their daily lives.

Learning about history first-hand when travelling leaves us with more empathy for people that came before us, and a greater appreciation for the technologies and societies that we live in today. 

No matter where you go, there will be history there; possibly history that you didn’t realize existed. Here are some ways to learn more about history from traveling.

  • Take a walking tour. Walking tours are a great way to get an introduction to an area’s local history. 
  • Take a guided tour of a museum or old landmark. Tour guides often have a more in depth level of knowledge than what you can read about from a pamphlet and can give you lots of great information
  • Read a historical fiction book that takes place in the place you’re travelling to before you go. This can give you inspiration of old landmarks you might want to see

Contributed by Kristen at Tiny Footsteps Travel

To Provide Our Child With a Unique Education

Hobbitenango in Antigua, Guatemala, photo by Our Offbeat Life

Traveling is more than just an escape or break from daily life; it’s our lifestyle, passion, and most importantly, our classroom. As digital nomads, our family has chosen this path for the freedom it brings and the unique global education it provides our son.

The world is our teacher. Through full-time travel, our son learns geography by exploring different lands, history through ancient monuments, and culture by immersing himself in local customs and cuisine. Language is acquired through genuine conversations, not textbooks.

We don’t just show our son pictures of landmarks; we take him there. These experiences bring lessons to life in ways traditional classrooms cannot. And the best part? We learn and experience these amazing things right alongside him.

But it’s not just about the destinations; the journey matters too. Travel teaches patience, resilience, and adaptability – invaluable lessons hard to teach in a classroom.

Contributed by Brodi Cole of Our Offbeat Life

To Try New Food and Drink

Photo by Travel Compositions

One of the reasons why I travel is to expand my palate and try new foods. Discovering what other countries eat on a normal basis and how they flavor their foods is just as interesting to me as visiting their famous historical sites.

I’m all about having a “when in Rome” mentality when it comes to trying foods while traveling. When in Scotland, I tried a haggis sandwich. When in Hawaii, I tried sea urchin with my poke. When in Costa Rica, I tried swordfish ceviche. 

Visiting a grocery store in another country is an attraction in and of itself. It’s fun to see what locals buy for their meals and then find new foods for myself to try that might become a new favorite. Like Ribena, a blackcurrant juice, is something I always crave now.

Besides trying the country’s own foods, eating at ethnic restaurants is also a way of broadening my tastebud’s horizons. Indian food in the UK tastes different than in the US. Or even a McDonald’s hamburger tastes different in France than the US. 

Traveling with a food or drink theme can also help plan my travel itinerary. On my beer themed trip through Germany, I visited off the beaten path destinations just to try a specific beer.

Contributed by Tabitha at Travel Compositions

To Research

Photo by Past Lane Travels

As an author of historical fiction novels set during the Civil War, I started traveling to battlefields, museums and historical sites for research. My readers loved discovering these off-the-beaten-path sites so much that I started to focus on the travel as much as the research. Now, no matter where I go when I travel, I search out the little-known history of the area.

During a recent family beach vacation, I discovered an old fort that was built to defend the coast against pirates. Since the fort was the site of a Civil War battle, it was like finding a treasure from the past, hidden in plain sight.

Everyone can look for hidden gems while traveling and enhance their trips with, history, mystery and new discoveries. For me, these outings into the past have proven to be, not just enjoyable and educational, but also instrumental in crafting authentic, award-winning fiction.

Contributed by Jessica James at Past Lane Travels 

To See Natural Landscapes

Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia looking towards Albania, photo by Map Made Memories

We are fortunate to live in a part of the U.K where we have hills and valleys on our doorstep. However, one of the main reasons we travel is to show our children the diverse natural landscapes that the world has to offer. 

We have taken our children to the snow capped Andes in Patagonia, to glaciers in Switzerland, to waterfalls in Iceland and to Australia’s arid inland. We have snorkelled on coral reefs in Samoa, crossed Lake Ohrid in North Macedonia by boat, ridden bikes on the Mongolian Steppe, hiked in the rainforests of Costa Rica and dipped our toes in Lake Baikal, the deepest and largest freshwater lake in the world. Our highlights include visiting Iguazu Falls in Argentina and seeing lava in Hawaii. 

As hoped for, our experiences have molded our children into eco-minded, outdoor orientated individuals. I recommend varying the natural landscapes you see on your travels: it will keep travel fresh but can also impact on your lifestyle and activities at home. Why not try something new next time? Next stop for us is the desert! 

Contributed by Sinead from Map Made Memories

To See Wildlife

Corcovado National Park, Photo by Sally Sees

One reason why I travel is because when I think back to my most treasured travel memories, many of them revolve around wildlife. 

Our world is full of so many fascinating creatures of all shapes and sizes, and travelling across the globe to chance an encounter is one of the main reasons I travel. 

Wildlife watching is slow and thrilling at the same time. It requires a lot of patience. 

There is no guarantee you will ever see an animal out in the wild, but the excitement you get when you finally spot something is electrifying! I have been lucky enough to have many exciting animal encounters around the world, both on land and sea. 

From friendly grey whales in Mexico, swimming with manatees in Belize, seeing orangutans in Borneo and hiking deep into Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica, the most biodiverse place on earth, to spy anteaters and tapirs. 

Each encounter has left me humbled and grateful for the beautiful planet we call home. 

You can add a wildlife-watching element to any destination! Next time you’re planning a trip, take some time to research any native animals found in that country. Any trip that includes wildlife tourism also requires research about our impact on the animals and the ethical practices of any tour groups or guides we work with.

You’ll need to work out the best time to see the animals (some are migratory or seasonal) and where to view them. Some animals can be seen independently, like hiking through national parks, while others require guided experiences like whale watching tours, snorkel or dive excursion or guided walks. 

Contributed by Sally at Sally Sees

To Experience Cultural Events and Holidays

Buddhist Monks in Thailand, Photo by The World Overload

Part of the reason we travel is to experience other cultures, especially when it comes to holidays and cultural events. Each country showcases it’s unique traditions in fascinating ways that we should all experience at least once in our lives. It helps to enrich us in ways we didn’t even know was possible.

I learned this while on my own travels. While in Norway, I was able to celebrate their Independence Day. I not only learned the history of the holiday but also how it’s celebrated with the particular Russefeiring tradition. It’s amazing to see how similar yet so different the normal customs can be in other countries.

It also helps to increase your knowledge and spirituality. In Thailand, Iparticipated in the Tak Bak ceremony with Buddhist Monks. I felt myself spiritually elevated even though it is not my religion of choice. The excitement of just being there and having the opportunity makes me want to travel more.

Incorporate this into your traveling by researching your destination. Find out if there are any national holidays or even just local unknown holidays or events for that region you are visiting. You may be surprised by the gems of other cultures you can find.

Contributed by Nick at The World Overload

To Experience the Wonder of Other Cultures

Cappadocia in Turkey, photo by Happy Little Rover

I travel to experience the incredible wonders of other cultures across the world. From wandering through ancient temple complexes in Chiang Mai to exploring the bustling Spice Bazaar in Istanbul, there are so many sights, sounds and tastes to be savoured. And there’s no better way to immerse yourself in the local culture of another country or region than to visit and delight your senses.

Most of my favourite travel memories revolve around cultural experiences, like being taught how to say thank you in Turkish by the sweetest lady while pouring tea into a tiny, tulip shaped glass. Or seeing the amused reactions of my newfound friends as I tried the salty yoghurt concoction of ayran for the first time.

My best travel tip for experiencing new cultures is to go in with an open mind and respect for the local inhabitants of your destination. Try to go with tours and experiences that are run by locals as opposed to external companies where possible. Learning a few simple phrases of the language and doing a bit of research before you embark will pay off dividends during your travels.  

Contributed by Jenelle Ryan at Happy Little Rover

To Better Understand the Culture of My Own Country

Lord of the Miracles Festival (El Señor de los Milagros) in Peru, Photo by I Travel Peru

I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to travel to more than thirty countries. As a child and before getting to know my own country well I had already visited several places abroad and thought they were much nicer than where I live. Because we are so used to where we are from, it’s easy to take all that our country has to offer for granted. However, the more one gets to know a certain place, the more it has the potential to become the most interesting and prettiest of all.

The more I have traveled throughout the years around my country, Peru, and gotten to know the unique traditions of certain regions, some of the hundreds of the Peruvian festivals there are, the beliefs in the natural deities,and the connections people form with them, the stories that the patterns of every textile in every traditional clothing item have to tell, I appreciate it more and more.

That’s why I travel: to keep discovering my own culture and traditions and to keep falling in love with my own country. I invite you to do this as well.

Contributed by Sharon at I Travel Peru

To Tell Stories Through Photography

Photo by Fleurty Girl Travels

Travel photographs are more than just memories of past vacations and trips. By capturing small glimpses into other cultures, history, communities, and social situations, travel photographs tell a story about a place I’ve visited. Often, travel photos will spark a memory of where I was in my life, which allows me to reflect on my own personal journey. 

In this digital world, it’s also beneficial to be able to instantly view pictures while I’m telling a story about a destination.  

I take photographs with my phone camera, an action camera, and a drone. The drone shots are my favorite and come with some challenges, like, the availability to fly in a location and avoiding obstacles.

One of my favorite tools is my tripod selfie stick. I love the flexibility of being able to get the lens down low or sticking up over a crowd. Thankfully, our phone cameras have such great technology and quality, that I can leave my cumbersome DSLR camera at home. This was a tough transition for me, but I’m glad to have the extra room in my carry-on!

Contributed by Stephanie at FleurtyGirlTravels

Why I Travel: To Learn More About Myself

To Challenge Myself and Gain Confidence

Traveling solo, Photo by Periodic Adventures

I have been traveling since I was a kid. Whether I realized it at the time or not, the exposure to the unfamiliar that one can only get while traveling was challenging me to push my boundaries and gain confidence in myself.

Now, I continue to travel as an adult and find that travel still has that incredible effect on me.

For example, it can be quite intimidating to overcome language barriers, navigate the intricacies of the European train system, or even figure out what to order at a restaurant. But, once you do it, even if you stumble through greatly, you did it. It’s done, which means you are capable of doing that and more! This always makes me more confident in myself and my capabilities.

Not to mention, this type of confidence translates directly to my experience at home. Navigating to a new place in town, being unaware of a parking situation, or simply calling to make a doctor appointment – while these may have induced some anxieties in the past, my confidence boost because of traveling makes things like this a breeze!

Contributed by Alanna from Periodic Adventures

To Cultivate a Healthy Perspective

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Iceland, Photo by Gather and Go Travel

In daily life, it is easy to get caught up in the never-ending to-do lists related to work, family obligations, or home management. Then, double down that with interpersonal dramas or conflicts, which can often feel larger than life. 

Travel, especially to beautiful places, offers a way to step away and get respite from both. And it is one of the many reasons I love to travel, even when I feel like I cannot go because my responsibilities are too pressing. Or people are too dependent on me. 

By leaving home and all its detailed demands behind, I can carve out a separate space to get out of my head, forming a buffer between me, my obligations, and the stories I tell myself. 

This physical distance creates a place for perspective. And when I get to combine this with the beauty that I see while traveling, whether from an awe-inspiring structure, like the Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavik, Iceland, or the Seljalandsfoss waterfall later on the same trip, I get a feeling of lift. Essentially—an elevated reminder of how insubstantial my problems are. And of how big, beautiful, and impressive the world can be and how grateful I am to be able to bear witness to it. 

Contributed by Janice Moskoff of Gather And Go Travel

To Have Adventures in Nature

New Zealand, Photo by New Zealand South Island Travel Insider Guide

I travel to have adventures in nature because it’s where I feel most alive. The feeling of being surrounded by the beauty of the natural world is beyond words. 

Many adventures in nature have left me in awe and made me realize there are endless natural wonders to explore and discover in this world.

Exploring rainforest trails is always the highlight of my trips. However, I also enjoy indulging in water sports, such as kayaking, snorkelling, swimming in waterfalls or cruising through majestic waterways, as they allow me to connect with nature. 

Nature adventures like hiking and other outdoor activities allow me to disconnect from everyday life stresses, enhance my mood and health and relax.

To incorporate more nature into your life, you can start by exploring a local reserve or botanical garden.

Adventures in nature offer so many diverse experiences, from animal encounters such as horseback riding or wildlife watching to extreme activities for adrenaline junkies such as bungee jumping, caving, skiing, cycling, ziplining, hang gliding, and skydiving. 

Additionally, there are leisurely experiences such as nature photography, stargazing, hot air ballooning, nature meditation, yoga, and camping.

Have an adventure in nature, embrace the unknown, and enjoy the journey. Experiences in nature can often become the most memorable highlight of a trip.

Contributed by Oli at New Zealand South Island Travel Insider Guide

To Relax

Coastline in Bali, Photo by GuideYourTravel

Travel, for me, is an escape into tranquillity, a journey to unwind the knots of everyday stress. Amidst the hustle of life, I seek solace in the art of relaxation that different destinations offer. One vivid memory takes me to the beaches of Bali, where the gentle lull of the waves became a soothing melody, and the rustling palms painted a serene backdrop. It was there that I discovered the rejuvenating power of disconnecting, embracing the simplicity of a quiet moment.

For those yearning to incorporate relaxation into their travels, consider destinations like the Maldives or the Amalfi Coast, where the rhythm of nature sets the pace. Embrace local spa traditions or simply find a quiet spot to be present and still.

Travel, for me, is a ritual of self-care. It’s about finding balance amid chaos and returning home not just with memories but with a renewed spirit. So, let your next adventure be a gentle embrace, a journey to relax and reconnect with yourself.

Contributed by Victoria from GuideYourTravel

To Better Understand Myself

Namibia, Photo by Two Empty Passports

Traveling has been my ultimate teacher, pushing me to learn more about myself than any classroom ever could. Whether it is exploring for adventure, curiosity, or relaxation, each journey is a lesson in resilience, independence, and self-discovery.

I live with chronic pain and fatigue, so travel comes with additional challenges. I have had to learn how to survive air travel, modify my activities, and adjust my travel style to fit each destination. But I have experiences and memories that I could never have without travel.

Like so many others, it was my dream to go on a safari in Africa, and I did that in Namibia. I wanted to see wild animals, stand in one of the few places in the world where sand dunes meet the sea, and learn about a different culture. 

An adventure this size was more challenging because of my health, but I was stubborn and determined to achieve my lifelong dream. Travel has become the key to unlocking the strength within myself.

Travel is not just about visiting new places. It’s about the journey of self-discovery, an ongoing exploration of your strength, confidence, and willingness to step outside your comfort zone to find out what makes you shine! 

Contributed by Robyn Dirk at Two Empty Passports 

To Escape My Daily Routine

Photo by BeyofTravel

Traveling is one of the most enriching experiences anyone can embark on. For me, it allows me to escape my daily routine and immerse myself in a whole different world, even if it’s just for a short period of time.

I am sure for many people too, this is a usual way to break up mundane activities. People get caught up in their routines, waking up at the same time every day, going to work or school, dealing with responsibilities and obligations. It can all become overwhelming and monotonous. 

When I travel I also plan a digital detox away from my laptops and other screen time. I spend time outdoors, take it slow to relax and get away. Apart from relaxation and rejuvenation, traveling also offers a great opportunity to learn something new. I love using my camera and learning about photography as a way to break the routine. 

You can also book engaging activities like guided tours, walks, and adrenaline excursions when you travel. Trying new things on your trip can also help you break the daily routine and do something fun!

Contributed by Stephanie from BeyofTravel

To Experience Things While I Can

Photo by Uprooted Traveler

I want to experience everything I can before it’s no longer available to me. 

One of my primary reasons for exploring the world is that I’ve known a host of people who had grand plans for traveling and, unfortunately, life—usually, sickness or even death—got in the way. For example, my sweet older neighbor almost boarded a cruise to Antarctica in 2021 that was ultimately canceled due to COVID. When trying to reschedule the trip, he decided that such extensive travel was too hard on his body and he ultimately wouldn’t be able to go. 

As a lover of hiking and the outdoors, I’m taking every chance I can to experience everything I can when I’m relatively young and able. From doing that bucket list road trip I’ve always wanted to take through as many charming Oregon Coast towns as I could find to squeezing in every backpacking trip during hiking season, I want to see and experience as much as I can while my brain, knees, lungs, and mind allow me to.

After seeing one too many loved ones missing their “someday” that they had once planned, I’ve engineered my life so that I can experience and see as much as possible. These experiences don’t have to be huge Antarctica-level excursions. Check out that state park that’s in your backyard, go try that restaurant that just opened. You’ll rarely regret getting to see and experience something. And, at the end of the day, you won’t have to ask yourself any what ifs.

Contributed by Jess of Uprooted Traveler

To Create Work-Life Balance

Monica at maxedoutPTO.com

Working in corporate American comes with many benefits, like a steady paycheck, insurance, and paid time off. But, corporate culture can also lead to things like increased stress levels, burnout, strained relationships, and missed opportunities. Because of these things, one of the main reasons why I travel is for work-life balance.

The best way to clear your mind, rest and rejuvenate from a high pressure and busy work environment, in my opinion, is to travel. Travelling will get you in a completely different headspace then the one you are in when you are sitting at your desk for 8 hours a day. 

Getting away from your office for travel can allow you to spend focused and quality time with your loved ones and can reduce your burnout at work. Improving your burnout and stress levels can even improve your productivity when you return to the office and increase your job satisfaction.

My husband and I attempt to travel every other month, or once a quarter at the least. Spreading out your paid time off for travel will allow you to have something to look forward to and will help you obtain a fantastic work-life balance.

Contributed by Monica at maxedoutPTO.com

To Experience the Mental Health Benefits of Being in Nature

Waimea Canyon, Kauai, Hawaii, Photo by Trysta at This Travel Dream 

As someone with a challenging job in corporate America, I constantly need a break from the everyday hustle and bustle. 

When I travel, I often leave behind the chaos of my daily life and dive into the beauty of nature. Being in nature is amazing for my mental health, and it’s one of the main reasons I travel.

I spend most of my time vacationing in Hawaii, where I can escape the stress of city life and recharge my batteries. Kauai is my favorite Hawaiian Island because of its breathtaking landscapes, gorgeous waterfalls, and perfect blue waters. Every time I visit, I feel a sense of peace wash over me as soon as I step off the plane.

There are many things to do in Kauai, but my favorite activity is hiking. There’s something special about being in the midst of nature, surrounded by greenery and fresh air. As I hike through lush forests, I feel calm and at peace. 

But why is nature so beneficial for our mental health? Studies have shown that being in nature can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It allows us to disconnect from our daily worries and reconnect with ourselves. Spending time in nature improves my overall mood, happiness, and well-being. 

Being in nature is also a time to connect with my boyfriend. We spend our days exploring the island together, trying unique activities like kayaking and snorkeling. The fresh air, beautiful scenery, and adventure produce a positive mindset.

I recommend everyone take a break from their daily routines and spend some time in nature on their next vacation. Whether hiking through the mountains, spending a day at the beach, or simply sitting in a park, being in nature can do wonders for you.

Contributed by Trysta at This Travel Dream 

To Re-learn Life’s Beauty After Mental Health Struggles

Lou at Hello World, Here I Come

I started traveling the world solo at 18 years old, and for most people, that’s where my story begins. But fewer know that between the ages of 13 to 17, I struggled with severe mental health issues- and that is one of the biggest reasons why I travel today.

I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) in primary school and suffered with self-harm throughout high school. This came to a pinnacle in 2020 when I was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. 

From 15 to 17, I was a revolving door patient, either hospitalized or about to be. I was fed through a feeding tube as I couldn’t eat myself. But in the back of my mind, I had a dream of traveling the world, and in many ways that kept me afloat.

Just 10 months after my last hospital admission I dropped out of high school to travel the world and never looked back. My travel is in part about re-discovering the beauty of life and the world after illness and suffering. 

Because of travel, I can say I am almost completely recovered from my eating disorder, dealing with my anxiety, and no longer suffer from self-harm. I am proof that travel can heal!

Contributed by Lou at Hello World, Here I Come 

Why I Travel: To Connect More With Others

To Connect With My Partner

Taylor at Culture Craving Couple

It’s easy to get into the same routine – come home from work, make dinner, watch Netflix – and it’s easy to take each other for granted! However, when we go on trips and snuggle up on a motorbike as we drive through rice paddies in Vietnam, it’s like the start of being married all over again! 

One of the reasons why I travel is that it gives us time away from the same old pattern and we can spend more focused energy on continuing to learn about each other because you always are – even after being married 10 years!  When we’re at home, it’s easy to not put as much effort in. When we’re snuggling up in a cozy cocktail bar in Denmark or have hours on the road to ask each other couples-focused road trip questions, in Iceland we have memories of unique experiences and have time to develop a deeper bond! 

I think that our best years of marriage have been since we started traveling and I encourage couples to slow down on their trips to be able to focus on not just the scenery, but each other!

Contributed by Taylor at Culture Craving Couple

To Strengthen Our Relationship 

Soca Valley, Slovenia, photo by Ticket 4 Two Please

Travelling as a couple can be stressful, but when you do it right, it is guaranteed to create memories that last a lifetime and strengthen your bond together.  

Travelling full-time together has many advantages, each of which helps solidify your relationship and creates relationship resilience that you can take forward with you into your life outside of travel. 

If you can survive being hospitalized in Bolivia (when neither of you has a single word of Spanish between you), as happened to us back in 2019– then there’s a good chance that the next time a small challenge arises back in the real world, that you’ll be able to figure out a solution quickly and without any stress. 

Whether you’re experienced travellers that have navigated the globe together, or at the beginning of your travelling journey and looking for some gap year inspiration for couples, travelling together allows you to learn to manage your finances in tandem, learn to live in close proximity for an extended period of time and learn to overcome hurdles together. Best of all though, travelling is able to strengthen your relationship and make you a stronger couple, which is why we continue to travel together to this day. 

Contributed by Ben at Ticket 4 Two Please

To Give My Child Experiences

Photo by Hey Micky Travel

It all started with a trip to Walt Disney World.  When I was a kid I was 
a huge Disney fan.  I am talking playing hooky from school so I could 
binge-watch the Disney channel. The one thing that I always wanted was a 
trip to Walt Disney World.  But being a kid from Minnesota in the 80’s 
and 90’s, a trip to Florida just wasn’t in the cards.

Fast forward 20 years later.  I was a new mom to a little girl of my own 
and watching her fall in love with all things Disney just as I had done. 
I desperately wanted to give her the Disney World experience that I 
never got to have as a child.  So we booked the trip and did a big 
countdown and we spent 3 glorious days in the Most Magical Place on 

Little did I know how much giving that experience to my daughter would 
spark something in me.  How many other experiences could I give her that 
I had never gotten myself? Since that time we have been coast to coast 
and so many places in between.  From national parks to beaches; small 
towns and big cities.  Nothing has been off-limits. And each time we 
travel I am broadening her worldview and giving her the confidence to go 
after the things she wants most.

So my advice to you… book the trip, make the plan, and just do it!  
Start with destinations driving distance from where you live. Do just 
one overnight or a long weekend.  You don’t need to jump right into a 
big trip, but I promise that any travel experience you can give your 
kids is the best investment!

Contributed by Tina Tolbert at Hey Mickey Travel 

To Connect With Friends

Amber from Amber Everywhere

I love to travel with my friends. Often, spending time with friends at home looks like sharing a meal at a restaurant and then going our separate ways. It’s nice, of course, but I rarely feel like we created new memories together. 

Travel, on the other hand, is all about making new memories and having experiences. I’ll never forget hanging out in a pub in Ireland or hiking the West Highland Way in Scotland, both memorable experiences with two wonderful friends. 

I also relish the chance to spend largely uninterrupted days with my friends, another rarity in my daily life. From sunup to bedtime, we have hours to talk, share stories, cultivate inside jokes, and deal with the fact that we’re mildly annoying each other. 

When planning a trip with friends, always discuss a budget and itinerary beforehand. There’s nothing worse than being on the road and realizing that the plans are a financial stretch for someone in the group. 

I also recommend keeping your trips to a maximum of four people because the more people on a trip, the more dynamics to manage. 

Contributed by Amber from Amber Everywhere

To Meet New People

Friends made at a hostel in Washington D.C., Photo by A Backpacker’s World

The reason why I travel is to meet new people. I’m a strong believer that the world is full of good people, you just have to find them, and travelling has proved this to be true.

Whenever I’m travelling, I always try to speak to people, hear their stories and get to know them a bit. For example, I recently took a trip to Washington D.C. and since it’s the US capital, there are police everywhere. I had five or six amazing chats with cops. 

It can be hard knowing how to start a conversation out of nowhere, so I always approach people with a question in mind. Once they’ve answered, the conversation just carries on. People always ask tourists “Where are you from?” and the conversation goes from there.

One way I’ve found it really easy to meet new people is by staying in hostels. Everyone is in the same position and has similar mindsets. I’ve met people in hostels who have become genuine friends that I speak to regularly. You never know who you’re going to meet- so always have a smile on your face and be friendly to people. 

Contributed by Josh at A Backpacker’s World

Why Do You Love Traveling?

I hope you have found some interesting and inspiring ideas about the whys behind travel in these stories and questions. Our reasons are often much deeper than we initially recognize and it can be especially helpful to keep asking ourselves for the why behind each answer. Why do I want adventure, relaxation, or connection? What is it I am really looking for?

If you are looking to explore these questions more fully, I offer travel workshops and coaching where we dive into these questions further. You can learn more here or book a free discovery call with me here.

What is one reason why you travel? If you reflect on the why behind your travels, how has that already impacted your trips and your life? I would love to hear in the comments!

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