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Wondering how to prepare for a trip to Asia? This website is dedicated to trip planning and everything that you can do from home before you leave to have your greatest travel experiences. Each of these articles will help you prepare for your trip to Asia by sharing expert advice on books, movies, podcasts, documentaries, classes, activities and more– all to help you better understand the nature, culture and history of your Asian destinations. They are also filled with travel tips to ensure you’ll have fantastic trips to Asia. Check out the rest of our site for thousands of other ideas to enhance your trip planning.

Golden Bridge on Ba Na Hills, Vietnam, Da Nang

Things to Know Before Traveling to Vietnam

Wondering what things to know before traveling to Vietnam? Check out these 5 top resources to better understand this complex and beautiful country.

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What to Learn Before Your Trip to Indonesia

A curious travel writer shares what to learn before your trip to Indonesia, so that you will understand more about the history, culture, and natural…

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Your Turkey Travel Planner: The Guide for Curious Travelers

A travel writer and frequent visitor to Turkey will inspire you and share her favorite resources so that you can make the most of your…

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Incredible India: How to Plan for the Trip of Your Lifetime

A frequent traveler to India inpspires you with her love of the country and her best research recomendations so you can plan the trip of…

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First Time to Japan: the Guide for Curious Travelers

An avid traveler and former resident of Japan shares the best things you can do from home to ensure an unforgettable trip.

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Preparing for a Trip To China

Discover how to best prepare for a trip to one of the world’s most rewarding and exciting places to visit.

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The 10 Top Picks to Craft Your Perfect Pakistan Tour

Discover how I prepared for my trip to Pakistan and the greatest adventures of my life — and how you can do it too!

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Top Travel Resources For Your Trip to Malaysia

Explore these top travel resources to learn all about the culture of Malaysia before you land.

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