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Diablo Lake, North Cascades, Washington, USA.  Photo by Tripscholars

Trip- A voyage or journey. (From early Dutch- to skip or hop.)

Scholars- 1) a learned person, especially one who has knowledge of a particular subject,  2) student or pupil. (From the Greek skholḗ- conversations and the knowledge gained through them during free time. )

Tripscholars is a place where people can gather resources to cultivate the joyful activity of lifelong learning inspired by our journeys. At times each of us will be a student, learning from the suggestions of others on the site. In other instances we will be a guide sharing our knowledge and expertise through resources about the things we are most interested in. 

Inherent in both scholarship and travel is privilege. Obviously, many do not have the luxury of  time, money, or reduced cultural constraints to either travel or study for pleasure. And not everyone is able to share at all times. It is our hope that people will share what they can, as they are able, and that everyone can benefit from it. Although we use affiliate links to help fund our company, we also strive to provide many free resources and useful ideas about saving money with the resources offered. We hope this site can offer some equity in making many resources more universally available.

Tripscholars commits five percent of its profits to nonprofit organizations. 

At Tripscholars we believe that thoughtful travel helps us grow into better stewards of our precious and singularly unique planet. However, we also recognize that many types of travel have a negative impact on our environment and we take our responsibility in the climate crisis seriously. We make an annual donation to organizations through The Gold Standard.

Tripscholars is firmly committed to making travel and travel education more available to people who are under-resourced. As a former educator and school director serving many students whose family’s incomes were below the federal poverty threshold, I have seen first hand, both the disparity in opportunity, and the necessity of providing quality travel and experiences in nature for all students. We make an annual contribution to North Cascades Institute.

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