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Thank you for your interest in working together! I value each opportunity I have to collaborate with others. I am committed to helping create more meaningful and transformative travel and look forward to discovering how we can provide that together! 

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I will inspire and teach your audience about travel education

I am a Travel Education Specialist who helps curious travelers create more meaningful experiences. I combine my 30+ years in education and coaching with my love of travel to help others make the most of their time before departure, allowing them to better understand both their destinations and themselves. I inspire travelers to explore the nature, history, and culture of their destinations. 

Expert topics I would like to share with your audience are: 

  • Travel Education
  • Travel Planning
  • Transformational Travel

I interweave my own powerful stories about how travel has impacted my life, helped me through great challenges, and inspired me to craft the life of my dreams.

I am the founder of the travel company, Trip Scholars. I’m a certified Travel Education Coach and the Seattle Director of Wanderful. I have been a local NPR guest, featured in Authority Magazine, and published on over 55 travel sites. 

You can read more about me here.

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Email me at erica@tripscholars.com or use the form below to drop me a note.

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I will promote your place of historic, cultural, or natural significance

Do you represent a place of historic, cultural, or natural significance? I offer blog posts, photography, and social media coverage about your location. In addition, I collect and highlight resources travelers can enjoy before they arrive to educate and inspire them about your destination. I find top documentaries, films, books, games, activities, and more that will keep them excited as they plan their trip to your location.

Travelers frequently decide to stay longer when they discover all a destination has to offer. If you are interested in inviting me on a group or individual trip, please drop me a line!

Let's get in touch!

Email me at erica@tripscholars.com or use the form below to drop me a note.

I look forward to working together!  You can reach me at erica@tripscholars.com.

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