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Work With Me

Thank you for your interest in working together! I value each opportunity I have to collaborate with others. I am committed to helping create more meaningful and transformative travel and look forward to discovering how we can provide that together! 

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What can I do for you?

Do you represent a place of historic, cultural, or natural significance? I offer blog posts, photography, and social media coverage about your location. In addition, I collect and highlight resources travelers can enjoy before they arrive to educate and inspire them about your destination. I find top documentaries, films, books, games, activities, and more that will keep them excited as they plan their trip to your location. Travelers frequently decide to stay longer when they discover all a destination has to offer. If you are interested in inviting me on a group or individual trip, please drop me a line!

Erica Forrest

If you offer quality travel products or educational travel resources, I would like to help our readers learn about you and your products. I do this through individual reviews or inclusion in our resource library, and highlight it on social media. I would like to try out your product and share with our readers how it enriched our travel. Please send me a message to talk about an affiliate partnership or to send a sample.

I am available to inspire and teach your audience about travel education

I am a travel education specialist who helps curious travelers create more meaningful experiences. I combine my 30+ years in education with my love of travel to help others make the most of their time before departure, allowing them to better understand both their destinations and themselves. I inspire travelers to explore the nature, history, and culture of their destinations.  I am the founder of the travel education website Trip Scholars. I have been a local NPR guest, seen in Buzzfeed, and published on over 55 travel sites.

Stargazing Tent Author Photo Erica Forrest

Contributing a Guest Post to Trip Scholars

On occasion, Trip Scholars accepts guest posts that provide value to our readers. Niche travel bloggers are especially well suited as guest bloggers because of their high levels of expertise related to particular locations and approaches to travel. 

If you have multiple resources you want to recommend to curious travelers about your niche I would like to introduce you and your site to our readers. Do you know the books, films, classes, or podcasts that will entertain and help them learn more? Share your ideas in a guest post and I will provide a link to your homepage and multiple links to articles on your site. I will also promote your guest post through social media and in our newsletter.

If you are interested, please read through our Guest Blogger Guide. If you have a great article idea to share with our readers, please pitch it to me at We never accept posts written by link building agencies. I look forward to hearing from you!

I look forward to working together!  You can reach me at

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