The Busy Parent's
5 Step Guide to Better Family Trips!

Helping busy families make the
most of their travels!

You know travel is one of life’s most powerful teachers! And you want your family to get as much out of your trips as possible. 

But you are busy and don’t have a lot of free time. I have a free travel planning guide that is going to help you have amazing family trips!

I’ll show you how you can use the excitement of your upcoming trip to turn everyday activities into opportunities for learning and connection. 

You’ll learn five simple steps you can begin taking today to bring the joy of travel into your family’s life now.

Here's what you'll get!

I will help you identify simple ways you can find overlap between what your kids and family already enjoy doing and how you can use that to learn more about your travel destinations. 

The focus is on keeping it fun and finding ways that it can foster connection in your family.

I’m a travel education specialist and the founder of Trip Scholars. I am committed to helping people have more meaningful travel experiences. 

I’ve combined my love of travel with over thirty years in education to make it easier and more joyful for people to learn through travel.

I’m a best selling author in the field of travel education and have been published on over 55 travel sites. I would love to put that experience to work for you and your family!

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