Thoughtful travel planning makes the most of our trips– and our lives!

At Trip Scholars, we believe that by learning about the nature, culture, and history of our travel destinations we can better appreciate, understand, celebrate, and commit ourselves to the protection of  our precious and singularly unique world and its people. We enhance our brief lives through our study, we deepen our travel experiences, and we entertain ourselves. 

Our Values

At Trip Scholars We Believe

Travel brings inexhaustible value to our lives and is one of the best forms of education 

Individual humans have intrinsic dignity and worth

  • We offer many resources to learn more about each other
  • We promote travel as a means of reducing prejudice and ignorance 
  • We have an intentional focus on representing indigenous people and people who are under-represented 
  • We have an intentional focus on Virtual Travel to meet the needs of those who are not physically able to travel

Human cultures are worth exploring deeply

  • We offer many resources to learn more about human cultures and our histories
  • We have an intentional focus on highlighting the historical arc of justice moving towards more inclusivity
  • We celebrate human creativity and expression and strive to share it

Our planet and the other living things we share it with are precious and climate change is real

  • We offer many resources to learn more about our natural world
  • Our non-fiction resources are fact and science based 
  • We follow sustainable practices

Inherent in both scholarship and travel is privilege

  • We offer some equity in making many resources more universally available 
  • We support nature and travel opportunities for people who are under-resourced

Life is brief

  • We promote more meaningful interactions with our family, friends, and fellow humans through thoughtful travel planning
  • We offer planning suggestions that can help us organize the infinitude of things to learn in our world into useful, intriguing, manageable and motivating units of study
  • We support  joyful living through quality entertainment
  • We encourage investing in learning and travel because it can sometimes lead to transformational and transcendent experiences

High quality resources should be easily available to everyone because knowledge and awareness bring deep value to life