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Skellig Michael, Ireland.  Photo by Tripscholars


Nourish Your Travel Dreams With Us

Microbial Mats, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA

Welcome To Tripscholars

Tripscholars wants every trip you take to be as interesting, exciting, and profound as it can be! Learn why we built the site and how it will benefit you.

Trip Planning With Families

Travel With Kids and Teens

Add More to Your Travels

Unique and Exciting Ways To Travel

Libreria Acqua Alta, Venice, Italy

Plan A Literary Trip

A travel-loving former librarian guides you through planing trips inspired by your favorite novels and authors.

Celtic Silver Cauldron

Explore the Mythology of Your Destination

This author has penned a book on mythology and she helps you imagine the depth your travels will have by learning about the myths and folklore of the area before departure.

Sherbsworld in front of glacier

How to Be Your Own Tour Guide

A professional tour guide shares her best advice and lots of useful resources so you can be your very own tour guide.

Learn About the Natural Wonders of Your Destinations

Explore Our Natural World

Milky Way

How To Plan Stargazing Trips

Make your travel astronomically more interesting by incorporating star gazing into your plans. We’ve gathered great tips for your dark sky excursions.

Learn From Home Before You Go

Enhance Your Travel Skills

Nourish Your Travel Dreams With Us

Discovering by Regions

Explore From Home

Prepare for Your Trip To North America

Explore From Home

Prepare for Your Trip To Europe


Planning a Trip to the UK

A professor and frequent traveler to the UK shares great tips for planning your trip to the UK.

Explore From Home

Prepare for Your Trip To Asia

Borobudor Temple, Indonesia. Photo by Geena Truman

What to Learn Before Your Trip to Indonesia

A curious travel writer shares what to learn before your trip to Indonesia, so that you will understand more about the history, culture, and natural wonders of this extraordinary country.

Farmers with water buffalo in China

Preparing for a Trip To China

Discover how to best prepare for a trip to one of the world’s most rewarding and exciting places to visit.

Explore From Home

Prepare for Your Trip To Africa

Sheep and quince tagine and other delights, local home, Fez

Explore from Home to Craft Your Moroccan Adventure

Discover how to most appreciate your trip to Morocco– its rich history and astounding variety of landscapes and cultures make just about any visit a unique, pleasing, and very personal blend of experiences.

Explore From Home

Prepare for Your Trip To Oceania

Sydney Opera House

Preparing to Visit Australia

With 60,000 years of indigenous culture, a unique convict history, spectacular natural landmarks, and an intriguing modern blend of cultures, Australia is an ideal travel destination.

Explore From Home

Prepare for Your Trip To Latin America

Libreria Acqua Alta, Venice, Italy
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