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One of the best ways learn through travel and to get to know a place is by reading about it in travel books.

I’ve served for over 30 years in education as a public school teacher, private school director, and long time home schooling/travel schooling parent. Since everyone is busy and we don’t want travel education to feel like extra work that people try to avoid, I encourage travelers to find overlap between places and what they already enjoy reading.

Travel guides are often our first choice and very helpful, but go beyond them to more deeply appreciate and understand the places you plan to visit. Consider myths, fairytales, cookbooks, anime, and poetry alongside novels, histories, biographies, and coffee table books.

Below, you will find our best collections for different destinations. If you search Trip Scholars by particular places or approaches to travel, you will find many more books recommended in multiple articles.

Happy reading!

Machir Bay, Islay, Scotland. Sandy beach, waves, hillside with white cottage evoking books in Scotland. Dramatic clouds above

20+ Best Books About Scotland to Read Before Your Trip

An inspiring collection of over 20 of the best books about Scotland to read before travel. Discover novels, classics, history, non-fiction books about the islands,…

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Worldschooling Book

Erica Forrest, the founder of Trip Scholars is one of twenty-two authors inspiring curious parents in the anthology, Worldschoolers. Benefit from the wide range of…

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Best Books About the Netherlands to Read Before Visiting

The 16 best books about the Netherlands to read before your trip, including novels, travel guides, histories, children’s books, and more.

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The Best Books to Read Before Going to Norway 

An inspiring collection of the 13 best books to read before going to Norway including novels, guidebooks, history, folktales, and cookbooks.

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The Best Books of Hawaii: What to Read for an Excellent Trip to the Islands

Discover the best books of Hawaii that will enhance your vacation. We have gathered the top travel guides, novels, history books, and more.

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The Best Books About Greece to Inspire Your Travels

The best books about Greece that will inspire your travels. Enjoy Greek history, mythology, philosophy, travel, fiction & nonfiction books.

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Books on Spain to Read Before Your Trip

Find inspiration and a deeper understanding of Spain in these five books by authors who fell in love with the country.

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