Is Travel Coaching Right for You?

Are you passionate about travel and excited to help others explore the world with intention and purpose? Have you ever considered turning that passion into a career? If so, travel coaching might be for you. 

Travel coaching is an emerging field that blends the transformative power of travel with personal development, wellness, and growth. As a travel coach, you can inspire and guide other travelers on their journeys, helping them achieve their travel dreams and life goals. Whether you want to focus on wellness travel, eco-tourism, business travel, or any other niche, travel coaching offers a unique and rewarding career path.

I became a Certified Travel Coach in 2022 after completing the Travel Coach Certification Program’s ICF certification program. I have since served scores of people in workshops, group coaching, and private travel coaching. It is deeply gratifying to support others in having more meaningful and transformational trips. If you are curious about becoming a travel coach yourself, read on and learn all about it!

If you are looking for a travel coach to support you in your own travels, please visit me on my coaching page. I would love to learn more about your trip and see how I can support your traveling dreams!

What is Travel Coaching?

First, what is a travel coach? Travel coaching is all about growing through travel. Unlike traditional travel agents who primarily book trips, travel coaches work with clients to create meaningful travel experiences that foster connection, growth, wellness, and transformation. This can include anything from helping someone make a plan to reach long term travel goals to guiding them through a wellness retreat in Hawaii.

Why Become a Certified Travel Coach?

Here are some compelling reasons to consider starting a travel coaching business.

1. Inspire and Educate

As a travel coach, you’ll have the opportunity to inspire and educate people on how to travel with intent and purpose. You’ll help them transform their lives through the power of travel, supporting them in having profound, life-changing experiences.

2. Empower Others

You’ll empower others to achieve their dreams and travel goals, guiding them towards clarity. Your role will be to help clients connect with themselves, others, and the world around them.

3. Specialize in Your Passion

Whether it’s remote work, corporate wellness, family travel, or eco-tourism, you can specialize in a niche that you’re passionate about.

4. Entrepreneurial Freedom

As a travel coach, you are able to build your own business around travel. This allows you to travel as much as you want to; whether as a digital nomad, weekend traveler, or worldschooling family.

5. Make a Difference

Travel coaching allows you to make a meaningful impact in the lives of the people you serve. You’ll guide others on travel-related topics, easing their travel journeys, and helping them have more meaningful and transformative experiences.


Do You Need to Be Certified as a Travel Coach?

No, you do not have to be certified to call yourself a travel coach. In fact, anyone can use the term “coach” to describe what they do. Since there are no parameters around using the word, by itself, “coach” doesn’t convey very much.

This is why the International Coaching Federation was created. It has established an external set of high standards, core competencies, and a professional code of ethics for coaching programs.

What is the Travel Coach Certification Program?

The Travel Coach Certification Program, founded by Sahara Rose Travels, is the only ICF certified travel coaching program in the world. It’s an excellent choice for aspiring travel coaches. Here’s why:

Comprehensive Training:The TCCP offers thorough training that covers all aspects of travel coaching, ensuring you have the knowledge and skills needed to succeed and serve others.

Accreditation: It is the first and only International Coach Federation accredited program that certifies travel coaches.

Entrepreneurial Focus: The program not only prepares you to be an effective coach but also helps you build and grow your travel-related business.

Diverse Niches: Whether you’re interested in wellness travel, transformative travel, solo female travel, or any other niche, the TCCP has you covered.

My Review of the Travel Coach Certification Program

When I launched my business, Trip Scholars, a couple of years before starting the certification program, I ran it exclusively through my website. I knew that I eventually wanted to work directly with others. As a former teacher and creative problem solving coach I have always loved supporting people in reaching their dreams and wanted to do the same with travel education. 

I thought I should wait until I learned more about how to run a website before starting the training, but I should have started sooner. Sahara focuses on many aspects of building a buisness and it would have been smarter for me to get that overall support earlier in my journey. 

Another advantage to joining earlier would have been all of the community connections. The online group is very supportive. In fact, I have since hosted other travel coaches in person at local gatherings as the Seattle Travel Coach Global Ambassador. 

Sahara is very generous in her commitment to her students. I’ve gotten a lot out of her live events and trainings. I’ve also had some private coaching sessions with her that have given me greater insight into my business.

The program has also provided some other fantastic opportunities. I was a grateful award winer of the Travel Coach Pitch Competition and have been a participant in multiple summits because of the program.

Travel Coach Certification Program Logo and image

How Travel Coaching Supports Travel Businesses

Anyone in the travel industry who is already running their own business knows that it is exceptionally fulfilling to help others have meaningful and transformational travel experiences. You also know how important it is to always be improving and growing professionally. If you are looking supplement what you already offer, becoming a coach might be a great choice for you.

How to Get Started Travel Coaching

If you’re excited about the prospect of becoming a travel coach, now is the perfect time to start. The travel coaching industry is growing, and there’s a demand for passionate individuals who can guide others on their travel journeys. 

Do you have any questions about travel coaching? Please ask in the comments!

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